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Dec. 2013: San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua. Port Clearance: The new Immigration office is open, so boaters can clear in and out of Nicaragua here.

Mexico Boating Guide

August 2013: Marina Chiapas (Puerto Chiapas) is hauling yachts out of the water with the brand new  60-ton travel lift, both for repairs or dry storage (paved yard). This new boat yard capability is a huge advantage for cruisers wanting to summer over on the hard in southern Mexico, or needing repairs before or after crossing the Gulf of Tehuantepec. Yes, the Pemex fuel dock is open.  FMI, contact Marina Chiapas, Enrique Laclette www.marina-chiapas.com  tel 9626956144 movil,  tel office (962) 6204038

Puerto Chiapas Travel Lift

Puerto Chiapas Travel Lift

Correction Page 286. Dog leg waypoint between Cabo San Lucas and Punta Mita is 20° 56.0′N and 106° 26.0′W, to avoid security  perimeter around prison islands.

Cruising Ports

Page 239: Panama Canal Transit Fees increased for yachts in October 2013.

Page 198: Replace the first paragraph with the following and update the chart

From the Cayo Vivarillo anchorage (15° 50’N, 83°19’W) we clear the south end of the Cayo and then head SE for 75 miles to an offshore waypoint at (15° 14.4’N, 82°16.6’W). This passes 2.5 miles south of the cay at the south end of the Cocorocuma Reefs. From the latter waypoint we trun SSE and lay a course 120 miles to the east side of Isla Providencia. Total distance is 209 n.m. We easily continue from Isla Providencia to Isla San Andrés.

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